About TopOpti

TopOpti is more than just a name. It’s who we are. We seek to be the very best at what we do. We always strive for the highest levels of optimization and efficiency in everything we do.

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Our Team

Ralph Cockburn

Maddest Scientist

Ralph is the ultimate -break it, take it apart, and put it back together better again- nerd of all things digital. He lives to understand how EVERYTHING works and how we can be the best and most efficient at everything we do.

He is driven by the unique goal of building highly technical things that are accessible and easy to use for all and delights in the excitement he creates in clients when presenting them with solutions that perform beyond their wildest dreams.

Ceilidh Moulden

Chief Task Master

Ceilidh is the epitome of organization and attention to detail. In an agency full of creative, head in the clouds designers, mad scientist developers, and caffeine-crazed data nerds she has her work cut out for her. Her passion and charisma give her the ability to inspire others not just in their work but in every arena of their lives making for a well-balanced and highly productive team.

Casey Caputo

Visual Virtuoso of The Digital Domain

Casey, the consummate designer, is also known around the office as the Captain of Chill. When not driving Ceilidh mad with his easygoing “everything will be fine” outlook on life, he can be found creating unique and beautiful digital art that transcends the medium and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the cyber space.

Bree Lowe

Cardinal Composer of Linguistic Expression

Bree’s sharp intelligence, quick wit, and keen understanding of what drives people make her a force to be reconned with when it comes to the articulation of persuasive speech. As an experienced copywriter, she understands when and how to use words to build rapport, uncover pain points, and present solutions in a way that creates a strong and lasting affinity with the patrons of your brand.